About us

Agrokordi Sp. z  o.o. based in Kalisz was founded in 2008 as a continuation of a long-term work of its members. The company produces and brings together producers in the Greater South who can boast of great traditions in the field of gardening and horticulture. Experience and integrity - values ​​passed from generation to generation, have resulted in the achievement of a recognized and stable position on the market for fruit and vegetable producers in Poland. Trust, which gives us a growing group of customers is our highest value.

Wide business contacts, innovation in logistics, own transport, continuity of supply, geography, continuous expanding the range ensure that our products reach the customers at home and abroad, always on time, being our best business card.





Agrokordi is located in Kalisz, a city located in the center of Polish, it is an added advantage, especially important for companies whose products are distributed throughout the country. In addition to its headquarters in Kalisz, we also have a point in the stock market and the fruit and vegetable department and warehouse in Szczecin. We also have Polish and foreign business partners throughout the operation.


Agrokordi Sp. z o.o.
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