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We are a group of experienced producers and supplier of fruit and vegetables from South Wielkopolska, real fruit and vegetable basin, known for its fertile land. Our fully controlled cultivation, own transport and very important - excellent location in the center of the country, cause that quickly deliver always fresh products to customers in any part of the Poland.

Cooperation with renowned manufacturers and buyers from around the world and the latest logistics solutions allow us to guarantee the fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, throughout the year. With full confidence we can say that Agrokordi, is now a recognized brand and guarantee the highest quality fruits and vegetables, for which we take full responsibility.




Healthy, fresh vegetables and fruit, excellent taste and appearance, is now standard on which you can always expect consumers who purchase food provided by Agrokordi. We realize that you need to take care of every detail, at every stage of production and transport.The activities under the banner of Agrokordi is a huge challenge and responsibility.

Our crops are constantly monitored, external manufacturers carefully screened and matched. Their fruits and vegetables controlled during the whole period of cooperation.

All products prior to leaving our warehouses are re-inspected and sorted and packaged properly to safely transport endure hardships.



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